Monday, 20 April 2015

My Little Dream Box April Review!

I've featured a few reviews of My Little Box before, simply because it's a subscription box that makes me happy. It arrived at my office this morning (I purposefully have it delivered there because I know it will cheer me up) and basically just completely brightened my day. MLB costs £12 a month with postage, and you get a great deal of value in the products that you receive for that money, all curated with so much love and imagination.

The first thing I received when I opened it was this rather cheery message to stick on my wall, and despite not actually really being a Disney fan (which is a bit like admitting that you do not like fluffy bunnies, I do know) I have put it up there for a bit of motivation. It has an invitation on the back to a website link, where you write your biggest dream. The idea is that one year from today, I will get an email reminding me of that dream. I need deadlines to work to, and I thought this was actually a lovely idea!

Now to the box itself!

1. Loved by Lou Lesage Lip Balm - I love this 'rouge in a balm!' It is a collaboration item between 'Loved by' and Lou Lesage, a french actress who I'd never heard of until now, but who's style is a bit of 'babydoll meets rockstar'. Apparently she described the one thing that was missing in her beauty bag, and the Loved By team rushed off and created this very item! Despite me initially getting the items mixed up whilst reading the cards and thinking item 2 below was the lip balm (big mistake, very drying) this little pot has since helped me to recover, and moisturised my lips back to a good state again. Oops!

2. Sabe Mason Copacabana Perfume Stick - This smells like I'm dancing on a beach and I love it for that reason, although it also makes me feel jealous of whoever is currently dancing on a beach all at the same time. I don't really know how best to describe it, but all I know is that it looks pretty funky in my handbag and smells spicy and sassy all at the same time. Plus it's full sized!

3. My Little Beauty Hair Masque Reparateur - Another full sized wonder, my only downside to this is that all the instructions on the back are in french (but being a french company, I don't blame them.) My french is limited. But these kind of things all work the same, so we're probably okay. All the My Little Beauty products I've received so far have been great quality, so I'm looking forward to a hot shower later where I will put this to the test.

4. Dream Big Stamp Kit - This is actually the reason why I love 'My Little Box' so much, because I only give them £12 each month and each box feels like it's been put together really carefully and with so much care and attention. They always send a cute, useful 'novelty' item with each box. The other month I got a little pot full of scrolled up messages with inspiring notes on them, that I still reach for when I feel a bit down. This month they've sent a little stamp, with messages like 'made with love' and 'today I..' plus a few french phrases (you never know when you might need to stamp a thank you in french) and my personal favourite, what I can only assume is a quote from Queen, 'Don't Stop Me Now!'

I am going to stamp these all over my work notebooks like a 12 year old girl and I'm not going to even feel remotely ashamed about it.

5. A Little Surprise - As a lovely bonus, this month I also received a sewn up cloud, which I had to cut through into in order to get my surprise, a little golden pendant with the message 'Bonne Etoile' (Lucky Star) engraved on it. How sweet :)

As always, every month you also receive a little magazine with interviews with featured brands and celebrities, as well as beauty tips and tricks.

Thank you 'My Little Box' for brightening up my Monday morning once again! x


  1. I love this! Especially the stamps :)

  2. this is a nice little box, thanks for sharing

  3. The stamps are definitely the best part! I could get some use out of those...

  4. Great box! All good products that one would actually use, especially the stamp, I'm a bit of a child when it comes to stamping ;)

  5. Love this post...your pictures are so fun! I wish I was more techy and good make mine look that great...! You are adorable....thanks for sharing! I also TOTALLY love that leopard dress you are wearing in the "about me " photo...digging your style! If you are interested in guest posting on my blog..I would love it..
    my email is

    Best to you cute lady!

  6. How fun! Would love to try a perfume stick that makes me feel like I am dancing on the beach :)

  7. I had never heard of this box!! Definitely considering ordering! Thanks for sharing :)