Saturday, 18 October 2014

5 Autumn Favourites

I absolutely love the colours that come with autumn, and the rich, earthy tones that you get to play with when the leaves hit the ground. This year, I am trying to stop myself from making too many seasonal purchases, as I'm off to sunnier climates in Asia for a month this week, so when I return we'll practically be into winter! However below are my top 5 picks for the autumn season that still carry over into winter, too.

1. Pencil Kimono Dress - Asos £42.00 - I love this dress and I always associate this sort of green with autumn. It's one of my best colours with my pale skin and red hair so I was all over this on Asos! This is a perfect work to evening dress, which can be quite versatile depending on how you dress it up or down.

2. JF Alex Boots, JustFab, £28 - Every girl needs a good pair of boots, especially at this time of year! I find it hard to find good flat boots (especially with my gigantic feet) so I need a bit of a heel that is still easy to move about in, and I feel most comfortable in this kind of style. For you UK girls, Justfab are doing two pairs of shoes for £35 at the minute too. Bargain!

3. Rimmel Kate Lipstick in #1. £5.49 Dark red is perfect for autumn, and this rich hued lipstick doesn't break the bank, but delivers a great lasting colour nonetheless. Plus if it's good enough for Kate..

4. Smashbox Fade to Black Photo Op Palette £21 - £59 (found on Ebay and Amazon). After initially lusting after Tom Ford Fall Quad Palette in Nude, and then realising it was out of my price range, I actually really fell in love with Smashbox whilst searching for an alternative. I love mixing the darker hues and rich shades with the autumn brown colours of this palette - this is a real day to night toolbox.

5. June Jacobs Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Mask £24 (found on Ebay, around £50 found elsewhere online) This is a lovely seasonal mask and I've heard rave reviews about it, so I'm currently eagerly awaiting it's arrival at my door! According to its description, this mask uses Pumpkin Enzyme to essentially digest dead surface cells (not the nicest process I'm sure) which in turn stimulates new cells. Pumpkin is rich in essential fatty acids, and Vitamins A and C. Plus I love the smell of pumpkin, it reminds me of fun times giggling around bonfires and carving ghoulish shapes with my best friends.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Review: Lush Haul!

I remember the first time I wandered into Lush, by accident, perhaps about 10 years ago now. I was in a different city, so I was already in explorer mode, on the look out for new exciting finds. I remember walking down the stairs into what felt like a strange magical cave like place, filled with an apothecary of rich and interesting flavours and scents. From that point on, I was hooked.

Sometimes, the strongest memories are linked to your sense of smell. It was when I walked past our local Lush base the other day and a familiar lavender scent hit me, that this memory came back, of a wide eyed younger me walking out of that Lush shop, clutching a selection of bath bombs with a big smile on my face. I felt all tingly, like I'd just stepped out of the shower. Lush has since been a great form of escape and retail therapy for me, because I know I'm investing in all natural, ethical products, and also in some much deserved chill out time. It's a small luxury, but you could spend your money on a lot worse than natural products that fill your bathroom cabinets and make the house smell nice.  Lush employ a clever marketing technique that most businesses don't tap into, by using your sense of smell in such a way that it physically lures you into their shop. Personally though, I'm glad that they do.

It's been a while since I treated myself to a few bits from Lush, but I have to say I'm really impressed with some of their newer products. This off the cuff visit resulted in about a £40 spend, but all has since been put to good use!

1. Light Pink : I have tried this once before and absolutely loved it, because I'm a pink toned redhead that can NEVER find a foundation that doesn't somehow always turn me slightly orange or look a little mismatched. This works for me because I am so pale, and allows me to wear foundation in the daytime that is a bit lighter and doesn't weigh my skin down. It works really well when you mix it with your foundation, for those days when you don't need much and you want a bit more of a healthy glow :)

2. Movis - A cleanser made of wholemeal bread? I didn't understand it myself, but apparently this sweet little bar includes wheatgerm oil, hop oil, and cocoa butter to soften. It lathers up very nicely and leaves my skin feeling really clean, although occasionally it has left it feeling every so slightly dry too.

3. Avocado Bath Bomb - As I touched on above, I have to be really careful when I walk into Lush, so as not to walk out with a whole basket full of bath bombs. Considering I've recently moved into a flat which doesn't even have a bath (sob) these can only be used when visiting my parents anyway, so I went for a moisturising, fizzy avocado bomb. This was lovely and did the trick. You appreciate it more when you don't get to soak as much!

4. Charity Pot - This was only £1 towards a good cause, and with winter fast approaching chapped lips are no fun. This has been living quite happily in my handbag. Bargain!

5. Feeling Younger - This was my favourite finds and reminds me of Benefit's Moon Beam. It achieves a similar effect, except it makes me feel a bit smug because it's a fraction of the price (and I know it hasn't been tested on animals). I've found that applying it before foundation under the eyes deflects my dark circles, especially after a late night. I also discovered that applying a thin line straight down the nose under makeup makes the nose appear straighter (blend though, obviously, or you'll just have a white streak!) I have been using this everyday since my purchase.

6. Brazened Honey - Aahh, I do love a good natural face mask. This mask is designed to wake up and stimulate, with a mixture of fennel, ginger root, coriander, parsley, juniperberry, rosemary, lime juice, honey, you name it, all the invigorating ingredients you can think of have been condensed into this little pot. I love the fact that if you bring several empties back you get a free one, too. I'm all for making your own face masks, but Lush face masks really do feel very well put together. I like the way they put a name to the person who has made your pot that day. I like to imagine that that is a really fun job, and that Lush employees get to stand over a huge cool vat (like a big chemistry experiment) throwing in a concoction of natural ingredients and mushing them all up. I really don't think for the price that they charge (about £5) that it would be much cheaper to make yourself, so I think it's a justifiable treat every now and again!

Are you a fan of Lush? What are your favourite products?